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Automatic Foam Board V Groove Cutter KC-120

Foam Board V Groove & Y Cutter

A automatic machine for Foam Board V Groove and Y Cutting.

This cutter widely use for PVC Foam Board, Foam Board Cutting, Forex Board, PP Hollow Board and so on.

The machine using tungsten steel and 45mm rotary blade, the cost is very low and the life is good.

The machine drive by heavy duty motor, Low Maintenance.

MOQ: 1pcs. Payment: TT or Paypal

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Make triangular prismhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/LSGGJ0WeKNU

Make rectangular boxhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/e7c9kguF_PQ

Finished Products

No matter here or there, finished products can see everywhere.

Widely Applications:

The machine can use for PVC Foam Board, Foam Board Cutting, Forex Board, PP Hollow Board and so on.

V-Groove Cutting

The machine standard with 5pcs blade holder, can get 3 120° and 2 60° in one cut.

Y Direction Cutting

The machine standard with 2pcs blade holder, can cut the foam board graphics in one cut.

4Pcs Rubber Roller

The machine with 4Pcs Rubber Roller, Ensure the Foam Board moving stable.

Cylinder Control Top Roller

Machine use cyliinder to control the top roller, Ensure the board don’t deviate.

Movable Sheet Bracket

The machine standard with movable sheet bracket, Can easy move according to the board size.

Position Ruler

The positon ruler on the machine ,will help customer move the blade to right place faster and easier.

Removable Blade Holder

The balde holder on the machine is very easy to move and fix.

Tungsten Steel Blade

The machine use tungsten steel blade,Ensure the good service life and cutting result.

Heavy Duty Motor

The machine standard with heavy duty motor, make the board moving smoothly during the cutting.

Foam Board V Groove Cutter
Product ModelKC-120
Cutting Width1240mm
Cutting Diameter0-5mm
Blade TypeTungsten Steel Blade
Working Voltage110V/220V
Working Power200W
ApplicationPVC Foam Board, Foam Board,
Packing Details
Packing Size(WxDxH) 1650x550x1050mm(65x21.6x22in)
Net Weight170kg/374LB
Gross Weight220kg/484Lb
Express ServiceAvailable, MOQ: 1pcs
Product Maintenance
CertificationCE Certification
Warranty365days (exclude force majeure,aritificial factors)

1. Q: What’s the width for this cutter?

A: Right now, For this cutter, We have only one size  1.3m .

2. Q:Can cut PVC free foam board ?

A: Sure, you can use this cutter for PVC foam board cutting, Beside PVC foam board, you can also use this cutter for foam board cutting.

3. Q:What‘s the  thickness can this machine cut ?

A: The max thickness is 5mm, For Y Cutting , you can adjust the thickness for 3mm PVC Foam Board Y Cutting.

4. Q: Can we use this machine for Foam board and inkjet materials cutting?

A: This machine can only use for Foam board and PVC Foam Board cutting, Couldn’t use for inkjet material cutting.

5. Q: Does this cutter easy to install ?

A: This is machine is very easy to install,When you get the cutter, connnect the air compressor, Then you can run it .We also supply installation video , which show you how to install the machine .

6. Q:Which parts is easy consumables ?

A: In this cutter, The only consumable part is the blade.

7. Q:What’s the life for rotary blade  ?

A: One blade can use for 200-500pcs Foam boards cutting. 

8. Q:Compare with other cutter in the market, what’s the advantages of your cutter ?

A: Compare with other cutter in the market, The function is different.

You can do v groove cutting and Y cutting in the same machine,But most cutter in the market is v groove cutter

9. Q: Can we adjust the cutting width?

A: Sure, you can adjust the cutting width according to your real size.

Also, you can adjust the cutting speed according according to your graphics

10. Q:Do i need any extra device for running the machine.

A:Beside electric, you also need a compressor to run the machine .