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3.2m Flex Banner Roll Slitter DS-320


Machine Width:3m

Max. Diameter: 300mm

Blade Diameter: 320mm

Applications:A machine which can use for Flex banner,Knife-coated Banner,Mesh,Self-adhesive Vinyl Slitting.

MOQ: 1pcs. Payment: TT or Paypal

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How to usehttps://www.youtube.com/embed/Qcx4S3Dd7dM



Widely Applications

This slitter can use for flex banner,mesh banner,ceiling film,self-adhesive vinyl One way vision,oil canvas and other roll materials cutting.

Quality Steel Roller

The machine use high quality steel roller,better concentricity,

Ensure the rotation stability of the

material in the cutting process,

Minimize the influence of cutting on material width.

Tungsten Steel Blade

The machine uses customized tungsten

steel blades,Compared with the traditional blade,it has better heat dissipation and

higher strength.

While ensuring the service life of the blade,Because of the material damage caused by overheating of the blade.

When the tungsten steel blade is blunt,it

can be sent back to thefactory. A normal

blade can bepolished 3-5times,with

service life up to several years.

Steel Roller Drive Motor

The machine uses steel roller to drive the

motor to ensure that during the cutting

process,The material can rotate evenly.

While ensuring the flatness of the incision,

It improves the efficiency of cutting and the capacity of cutting.

Safety Cover

The safety cover on th emachine,during

the cutting process,As the cutting depth of the blade changes,Ensure the safety of operators to the great estextent,

Machines are much easier to use.

Solid Base

The base of the machine is welded with

square steel,Ensure the stability of the


Solid base ensures the service life of the machine.

So far,the machines the company sold six years ago,The customer is still in normal


Double Round Rail Design

The cutting head is designed with

double circular rails,It ensures the

stability of the nose,so that when the nose moves,

Smoother.According to different

cutting sizes,customers can,Move the head to the desired position.

Flex Banner Slitter
Product ModelDS-320
Max. Cutting Width5200mm
Cutting Diameter300mm
Blade Type320mm Teenth Blade
Working Voltage110V/220V
Working Power2500W
Application Flex Banner, Ceiling Film, Paper, Canvas and ect
Packing Details
Packing Size(WxDxH)3100x675x450mm 840x340x430mm
Net Weight150kg
Gross Weight175kg
Express ServiceAvailable, MOQ: 1pcs
Product Maintenance
CertificationCE Certification
Warranty365days (exclude force majeure,aritificial factors)

1.Q:Can i use this machine for flex banner roll cutting?

A:Yes, You can use this machine for PVC Flex banner roll cutting, Beside PVC Flex banner, you can also use this machine for mesh, vinyl,ceiling film, canvas, plolyester cutting.

2.Q: During the cutting, The blade will burn the edge ?

A:No, For the blade on our machine is very special, The blade is not in high temp. So, will not burn the edge of the rolls

3.Q:What kind of blade you use on this machine?

A: We use teeth blade on this machine, Not plain blade.

4.Q:What's max. diameter can cut?

A: If you use 3'' core, The max diameter is 30cm.

5.Q:Can I use this machine for 5m flex banner cutting?

A: Sure.Beside 3.2m ,you can also use this machine for 5m  rolls cutting 

6.Q: If i need cut 400mm rolls, Can you do ?

A: Right now, We can supply the solution for the diameter less than 500mm, Before make the machine ,We need confirm if we can cut your  rolls.

7.Q: What's the packing for this machine? Can we install it by ourselves?

A:The machine packed by two wooden boxes, When you order the machine ,we can supply installation video to reference.

8.Q: What's the voltage of this machine ?

A: Right now, We have two version for this machine ,220v and 380v.We can also make 110v single phase and 220v three phase machine for American area.